To be fair, this is not a service that most realtors commonly offer their clients.

The main reason is that realtors usually are not willing to take the risk.


At Westridge Realty Co, Lacey Forward offers this service to her valued clients making
their real estate needs simpler; thereby removing her client’s risk!


Here's a brief overview of how this amazing service works:

1.  Have Lacey Forward represent you as your Buyer’s Agent
2.  Place an offer to purchase on a Westridge Realty Co. listing
3.  Lacey will prepare an accurate market evaluation for your existing property 
4.  List your existing property with Westridge Realty Co. on the MLS service
5.  If your property fails to receive an accepted purchase offer within 30 days from
     the listing date, then you will receive a pre-determined “Guaranteed” price 
     for your property. The worry and inconvenience of waiting for an offer on your
     property is now removed.

My clients have found our Trade program to be a valuable asset and service for the following reasons:


1.   Takes the uncertainty out of moving.  
Most buyers make an offer on their dream home “subject to the sale" of
their existing property.  What generally happens, is that another party without
a property to sell, makes a competing offer and then your offer to purchase falls
apart. You are now back to square one.  
Avoid this disappointment by trading.


2.   Some buyers choose to buy non-subject, and then obtain interim financing.
This is costly and they run the risk of owning two properties.  Trading removes
this risk and expense.


3.   When entertaining offers, sellers want to know that their property is sold. 
Many won’t accept a buyers “subject offer.”  I am usually able to negotiate a
better purchase price for my client, based on the fact that the sellers are certain
of a sale.  
4.   Your existing property gains better exposure to the buying public because
they have the option of also “Trading” and they know that a trade property is
priced right on the market by a motivated seller.
5.   Perhaps you wish to build a NEW HOME and you don’t want to move twice.
Trading may offer you the advantage of remaining in your existing property
until your new home is complete.


All of the above features offer my clients superior real estate service, a faster sale and more money in their pocket. 
When you are thinking of moving, you owe it to yourself to at least find out the details of this amazing offer!  Some flexibility and certain restrictions may apply.

You never know until you ask. It is worth at least a phone call.

Don't delay! 
Call Lacey at (604) 910-LACE (5223) to discuss this opportunity.



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