My clients have found the We Trade Homes option of great value in purchasing or selling their properties. I always encourage my clients not to overlook the other great financing options we also offer. Often a little help is all that is needed to turn your dream into reality and in the process save you lots of cash!


What if My Trade Option is Not For You?

You may wish to consider my interim financing option. I can tailor a plan to your needs and budget. This will aid in completing your sale or purchase and avoid any disappointment caused by buying with a “subject clause.” I offer more options than with traditional banks and without the expense and red tape.


Save CMHC Fees

In many cases my clients find that with only a small supplement to their cash equity they can arrange for conventional financing rather than with CMHC. This option can save you many thousands of dollars in mortgage fees that may not be possible through other realtors or lenders.


Purchase With a Partner
I do not offer this option to everyone, but this is an option that I offer to a few select clients each year. I invest the down payment, and rather than a loan, I may partner in sharing the equity for your first purchase. If you feel that home prices are getting away from you faster than you can save the required down payment, then this amazing option may be just what you are looking for.


Financial Challenges
From time to time clients find themselves in some tight financial spots through unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. Give me a call. I have provided a number of solutions to help in keeping the wolf from the door. This can range from cashing you out on your property or providing easy financing to satisfy creditors until your property is sold. When challenges strike give me a call.


Tailor Made Options
I am in the habit of creating solutions. Bring your real estate needs to me. and see what I can do to assist you. In most cases I should be able to provide a solution to whatever challenge you may have. I have been specializing in creative forms of financing, and have many satisfied clients to prove it.
When you are thinking of moving you owe it to yourself to at least find out the details of this amazing offer. 
All of the above features offer my clients superior real estate service, a faster sale, and more money in your pocket.
You never know until you ask, it's at least worth a phone call.
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