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In today’s ever changing real estate market, there is an increased need for honest, factual, and sound advice when considering buying or selling.  A house is a not just a building, it is a home. A place where you raise your family, where memories are made, and for many, a place they call the office. It is a huge investment. Potentially the largest sum of money you will ever spend which has the potential to become an emotional and overwhelming process.

My goal is to make your move from one door to the next as smooth, and as stress free as possible while providing you with service that meets or exceeds your expectations. That is the single goal that remains the same for every client throughout the whole process. 

When you are ready to buy or sell and want professional help or just want some answers about the market or the buying and selling process, call Lacey. Whether you are a current client, a past client, or new to this world called Real Estate, I would be pleased to serve you in any way I can.

Lacey Forward

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  Long Term Relationship

Our first meeting was with Lacey was in the fall of 2008, shortly after the credit crisis had begun and the markets were in turmoil. Lacey negotiated a contract for one of her clients on a home in our Gramercy Heights project. In the midst of these difficult times, we were impressed by Lacey’s professionalism, candor and honestly during the contract negotiations. We were so impressed that we subsequently hired Lacey to sell the final phase of our Gramercy Park project. It was an absolute pleasure working with Lacey and we look forward to our next project together and a long term relationship. 



Gramercy Developments Ltd. 

  So Impressed

“Lacey sold a condo for us a few years ago and recently helped us buy our new home.  She brought a knowledge of the market and navigated the negotiating process getting us a price that was so much better than we had expected we would get. We watched her go to bat on our behalf through a complicated deal; keeping us up to date throughout the entire process.  In the end, we were so happy with the home, the price and the deal! 


Another thing that stood out to us was Lacey's Giving Back program. At the end of a deal, a family is able to dedicate a portion of Lacey's commission towards an organization that brings change in the world. We were so impressed with the fact that part of her commission would be going to something we believe in. What a great idea!  We recommend Lacey and think she is excellent at what she does.”

Kristjen & Tamara Hull 


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